During the last three years, she has been working on the theme “Celestial Bodies”, which consists of drawings with colored pencil on paper. She observes the dual nature of humans, their material and spiritual existence. By combining qualities of matter and consciousness she outlines the subtle design of each individuality in a work – spiritual portrait. She uses the elements of light, energy and stellar objects, visualizing the process of the evolution of consciousness.

In her artistic expression she seeks the source of phenomena, the essence that makes what she sees what it is. The Word in existence. As basic materials she uses oil and pencil. She experiences the process of creation through pure observation and commitment to the present.

In recent years she has been developing her artistic work through sculpture, from clay and marble, creating forms inspired by nature, geometric shapes and the human body. A usual element of her works is the dynamic of elevation, a tendency for ascension. She showcases the dynamic of these elements, highlighting the Spirit inside Matter.

In her artistic work she depicts moments from other worlds and dimensions. With an acute observation on the forms and worldly phenomena as her tool, she dives into another perspective beyond the manifested. She presents the natural realms expressing the perfect intelligence inherent in them. Through art her purpose is “to remember, to become again, to Be”.

The theme of her works has goddesses as protagonists. Through them, she searches for the deepest part of the feminine energy contained in every being. In recent years she has been working with stained glass and evolving her technique on the Tiffany method, as a self-taught. She utilizes glass, a material that captures light, to give subtle qualities to her works, conveying her interpretation of the sacred marriage, the unification of Material and Spiritual plains.  At the same time, she is a jewel designer under her brand Eros Y Alma Stained Glass.

lila nikolaou


Her work and interests focus on the role of art in contemporary society. Through her master’s thesis,“AS ONE: MAI + Neon, an artistic project for raising consciousness in Greece”, she studied the performing arts, the ways of expanding the boundaries of art and the engagement of the general public with it.

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