Past Events

Eros the bridge builder

group exhibition
at Teloglion Fine Arts Foundation of AUTH

[…] Eros is the driving force, the radiant glow of union that is experienced with the recognition of Spirit into Matter. It is the power that urges man in the evolutionary journey of consciousness, to die, to be born and to taste Immortality.

The artists address the power of Eros.

Text by Lila Nikolaou

The Abundance Of 5

site spesific
group performance

[…]The elements of nature externally are pieces of the nature of the individual internally. In their encounter, the individual recognizes his multidimensional nature and through the harmony and balance of his different qualities, he can further know the true Self, Spirit within Matter. 

From this position, man can experience the interconnectedness of all things, the macrocosm within the microcosm, his freedom, the abundance he entails and the abundance of nature
waiting for the individual consciousness to be perceived.  

Text by Lila Nikolaou

You are the eyes through which Creation knows Itself

group exhibition

[…]At the time when the individual consciousness through the struggle to know itself, i.e. its origin, reconciles the two extremes of the material and spiritual fields, it ceases to be the result of combination.

It becomes an awakened spirit within matter, it becomes the cause of life itself.

Through the eyes of this expanded consciousness, the Creator looks upon life and all of creation.

Text by Eirini Apsychou

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